There is a garden in the mind.
You forgot to water.
Transfixation with liquids.

The coexistence of God and science.
Folding time.
A shrine to you and yours.

Supreme reign.
Robes in hollow with blood under tow.
Culmination of your indiscretions.

The days of judgement have fallen,
You cling to their remonstrances.
Figuring the fall out.

I'm working on embracing nihilism.
This isn't going too well.

Infinite collapse,
The fragments that follow.
Sucking bone marrow,
Down the pipeline.

Labyrinthian hypocrisy.
And mirror of spine,
Sliver cutting exits.
Rational existence in fugue.
Do not open nor follow.

Estimating 2-3 more hurricanes in the U.S. Possible Florida, Nevada, New York, South Dakota and Mississippi. Hurricanes India and Asia. iEconomic crash following a bubble.

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